So I’ve been a little quiet on this old blog of late and I’d like to tell you its because of all the writing for Shadows In The Blood I’ve been doing, but I’m a terrible liar.

Its actually because my foolish partner in crime, Enka, introduced me to a game called Rust. Rust is a sandbox game where your only goal is to survive in a post apocalyptic world. Sounds familiar right? Well it is. But its still mega. It has all my favourite parts of Minecraft (the crafting and survival) with some great FPS action. Making and modding your own weapons, buildings, etc.

The game is still in Alpha and there are bugs and glitches and exploits and an unfortunate amount of hackers on the public servers. And they really spoil the game. So much so we collectively decided to stop playing. And THEN we realised we could just rent our own. So we have and we’d like to invite all of you guys to play with us!

Server Banner

Very few rules, no hacking! That’s it! Griefers will be met with leathal force but the game is at its core a PvP game. If you want to work together, the more the merrier! If you’d rather be a lone gunman, then come as us! Whatever is most fun for you, without cheating.
Its £15 at the moment and worth every penny. Try it for yourselves and drop me a message in game, my steam ID is Portal2040

I look forward to seeing you on Rust Island!

The world is what you make it.



Hi guys, hope you are enjoying the comic so far this year!

We’ve had a bit of a crisis here at 2040 HQ, our drawing tablet has developed some pretty worrying faults and is definitely on its last legs.  It was a gift from a friend of ours and replacing it is completely out of our budget.  Worrying times indeed.

But never one to sit and feel sorry for ourselves, we have launched an Indigogo campaign to try and raise the much needed funds to get a new one!  And this is where you come in!  Please check out and support us in any way you can.  If you cant spare any funds please share the campaign around your friends on your chosen social media.

We really need as much support as we can get here and every penny, like or share is so appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys, I know you wont let us down!

The world is what you make it


All aboard, 2014 is here!

Happy new year one and all!

We had a lovely Christmas period here, thanks for asking.   Already feels like forever ago and not just  2 weeks gone.

When we started 2040 Productions Enka and I set ourselves one rule, get the balance right.  Something we both bemoan is in our day jobs the companies we work for cannot get the work-life balance right, they take too much from our free time and crush creativity as a result.  We love working on Shadows In the Blood and on all our other projects that are in the works (more on these soon, but not today…) but we also love, and need, some downtime.  We want to keep loving what we do and never see it as “the job”.  We’re making this because we want to tell good stories and we want you guys to enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy making them.

I can’t say we’ve got the balance right ourselves yet though, 3 weeks is too long a break, we know it, you know it and I am sorry for that.  Between the day job and some technical issue with our equipment we are a week or so behind where we wanted to be, I promise we’re going to make the wait worthwhile.

Fear not though!  We haven’t been sat on our laurels doing completely nothing this past few weeks.  We’ve been hard at work getting ready for Monday 13/1/14 when Shadows In the Blood will resume regular updates!  Enka’s drawing tablet gave us a scare and while it was touch and go for a while, Tabby the Tempermental Tablet is back to fighting strength again and we are full steam ahead with the next arc.

We’ve a lot of very exciting things planned for 2014 and we want to share them with all of you!  Remember you can now comment directly on the comic pages or reply to entries in this blog, we love to hear from you guys, what you like, what you don’t like, and sometimes we just like to hear you squee.

The world is what you make it


A long road behind, a longer road ahead.

Wow, 100 updates!  I’d like to say I knew from the start we would be here, 100 pages in, but the truth is there were times when the road seemed too tough and life too determined to through roadblocks and pitfalls.  I have to thank Enka and his constant, grim, determination to succeed for dragging us onwards when stopping seemed so much easier!  Here we are buddy, over the hump!

As Enka mentioned in his post, the first arc was probably the most challenging for us to write.  We had so much information to throw at you guys to set up our world and introduce you to just a small number of the great characters we have lined up.  Now that’s out of the way we can get into the really fun story-lines we’ve been frothing about all this time!

All in all it’s been a busy week over here at 2040HQ.  100th page went live, new blog system implemented and we’ve made it possible for you to comment directly on the pages on the comic!  So now you can tell us what you think there and then, and discuss the story with your fellow fans!

Now we’re looking forwards to the future, to Exeter Comic Con on December 1st; to launching our Kickstarter Campaign (watch this space for details and some of the great rewards we have planned; to compiling the first 100 pages into one, printed graphic novel; and finally to the next 100 updates of Shadows In The Blood!

We’ve really enjoyed sharing our world and our characters with you so far, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them! And I really hope you’ll stick around and continue to read our story as it unfolds and maybe get your friends to check it out to!


And remember guys, the world is what you make it